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Song Of The Day! James V Shares ‘Blondie’. “Can you get a witness?! Seriously. Can you?”

JAMES V (jeymz-thuh-fifth) is based in Los Angeles. He’s a recording artist. And in his latest single ‘Blondie’, he shows his musical expertise and expressive decadence. Dance you say? Yes. We danced. Heck right we did, as the shiny altered colors sheen-ed from this beautifully layered art-pop-ish indie-rock came to life on the speakers.

Song of the Day!

Dancing awkwardly is the reward for which we say to ourselves, when ‘Blondie’ is on. And it is a very ‘guilt-less’ experience, because our worries just melted away as our joints crackled and our brows concentrated in doing the song justice with our moves. The single moves to a different ‘beat’, and when it flexes with the subtle slight of melodies reflected off of the cumulous vocals, we continued to smile.


And smiled.

Like we were a little child, dancing and prancing without a care.

No judgements, no external pressures, but of just ‘joy’.

“Is this how it feels to be momentarily free?”

JAMES V released his debut EP ‘San Narcisco’ in 2016. Then in 2017, he re-mixed the original an re-released it.

His live band consists of Daniel Seman (guitar), Kirby Ditto (guitar, keyboards), Shannon Cain (bass) and Eric Werner (drums). JAMES V is proud of that fact.

So, let’s take this single in. For it’s the Song Of The Day, and that mean in our little way at CHF, that we dig it to pieces.

Let’s all smile.



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