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Song Of The Day! Jarle Skavhellen ‘Northern Lights’ : Yearning melodies reflect through the menagerie.

Jarle Skavhellen

Jarle Skavhellen’s folk cuts like a knife through buttery dreams and loving desires. This title track from his EP, is a stream in consciousness, of thoughts we’d all want to be a part, and of lives exciting to bloom.

Jarle’s music have generated millions of streams and attention from music lovers around the world signing to International label Nettwerk, which released Jarle’s debut album, ‘The Ghost In Your Smile’ (2018). The record made waves with international music press, Clash calling him “a truly timeless songwriter.” Jarle was named one of the most exciting new artists to come out of the country by major Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet.

Nettwerk reached out to the legendary Tucker Martine (My Moning Jacket, The Decemberists) who was both impressed and excited about Jarle’s songs. So, he cleared space in his calendar, and Jarle made it over to his MC Club turned recording studio in Portland, Oregon and recorded a handful of new songs over an intensive and inspiring period.

The Norwegian singer/songwriter’s rootsy performances defy the air we breath and the earth we stand. The yearning melodies reflect through the menagerie of his vocals to produce some stunning atmospheric delights.

With ‘Northern Lights’, that trend continues.


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