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Song Of The Day! Jenny O. ‘What About That Day’ : Glories of what life can offer – even in the darkest hours.

Jenny O.

Beautifully addressed and gorgeously radiating, Jenny O.’s single ‘What About That Day’ is the day when truth consumes and enlightens your everyday core. A shake of incantations, lovingly adorned for a long time, disposed of in an inkling, tattered to its edges.

Off of the upcoming and highly anticipated album, ‘New Truth’, ‘What About That Day’ is a diabolically consuming ember of thoughts and feelings, shimmering in the most delicate of somber acceptances. Jenny said: “‘New Truth’ is coming to terms with my deaf ear. It’s any new accepted reality. It’s the hilarious way I wore my hair for a week before cutting it away from my face.”

“I’m singing lower sometimes,” added Jenny, “I always assumed I’d move back into my lower register, I finally have. Hard to get power that way, but I don’t sound like a little kid. I’ll have to practice singing them a lot, and it will be trickier to pull off live.”

Having played with the likes of Father John Misty, Rodriguez, Leon Russell, Ben Harper, The Proclaimers and many other greats, she hits so many of her fans with such quandaries of life and suggestions, that your walls of life crumble to the ground, with ease. Her tone of vulnerability is always a call to arms; a sane extravagance in putting things right, in heart, before tackling the metaphorical monsters of life.

“I played all the guitars on this record. I wanted to channel the freedom of the Home and Work EPs but recorded way better. I took solos! I played bass except Rachel Goodrich did the funkier two songs because her time is better than mine. The past couple albums were tracked live to tape with a rhythm section, so someone would quickly learn something great & close to my demo but not exactly. I wanted to play bass this time.”

Jenny O.’s a star in all the ways to Sunday. And on that Sunday, we watch Jenny pull on her workman’s hat to share with us all of the glories of what life can offer – even in the most personal of hours.

‘New Truth’ drops June 19th from Mama Bird Recording.


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