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Song Of The Day! Jenny Wilson Shares New Video For “Lo’ Hi'” Single. Simply glorious.

Jenny Wilson has been paving her own path and definition on what music can be, for many years now. And in 2018, her well expected 5th album ‘Exorcism’ will be dropping on all of our heads. And the way too globally underrated indie-pop heroine shares her new video for single Lo’ Hi’. It’s as intoxicating as it’s Jenny, and is as weirdly & obnoxiously glorious.

Song Of The Day!

The album is as personal as talented Jenny has always been. ‘Uncompromising’ is how some have described her latest publication, for the latest is a categoric absolution of what she’d experienced in sexual assault. The guilt is an unwarranted chain upon the ankle of a victim. And in some way, Jenny buckles those chains and tries to fly free of the heavy weight of such violence. The intense lyrics can be felt in the raw, and the images are crystal clear, of the aftermath and internal torture.

Jenny issued the following statement about ‘EXORCISM’ – only Jenny can.

This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.
In so many ways.

At first, I actually didn’t know if I even wanted to go on with music anymore.
Then, something terrible happened to me.

I ended up at a crossroads.
Either silent – or speaking.
It was not an easy choice.

I didn’t want to talk.
I didn’t manage to talk.

But I had to talk.

Not to bring justice or to take revenge.
Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

I wanted to take back what I’d lost.
I had to get rid of what was hurting me

The videowas directed by Gustaf Holtenäs, also behind the animated clip for previous single ‘Rapin*’ (a song which describes consuming violence and self doubt).

If you’d never heard of Jenny. Now you have.

And you should love her.

New album ‘Exorcism’ drops April 20.

She’s rep’ed by Gold Medal Recordings.



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