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Song Of The Day! Jetta ‘Livin’ : Throwback to 90s club and pop sounds. Let’s feel good with Jetta, over and over.


Jaw dropping construction. Palpitating rhythms. Jaunting and engrossing drum/bass frame. Jetta’s gloriously entertaining single is a throwback to the nineties, where primary colors, and distinct lines of exuberance, reigned supreme.

In ‘Livin’, Jetta’s fabulous sense for score and attention to detail, pulls you in and often.

The London based artist’s motto is: “”expression without limits”. And that is accentuated further in the ‘Livin’ video as she appears like a cyber Gwen Stefani in a floor-length blue coat, exploring different latex-wrapped guises a la Lady Gaga. It’s a song for shaking off the bad vibes..”

“It’s a song for shaking off the bad vibes”, says Jetta, “which suits the new decade well.”

“We all need that message right now,” she continues, “we need some escapism. I’m a 90s child and it was such a feel-good time, in terms of UK garage and so much of the dance music then. I really wanted to tap into that.”

Jetta is one of those indie artists whom traverses from mainstream and the alternative, with soothing expertise and talented nonchalance. Her beaming vocals exude confidence and excitement, whether live or in studio. An artists with years of offering fabulous singles, right aft the other, always trying to stretch her comfort zones, but never neglecting the basic goodness of what song should bring to her audience.

Beautiful. Gifted. Fun and majestic, ‘Livin’ is just another fabulous cultural shine, which will get you dancing and smilin’.

Let’s feel good with Jetta, over and over.


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