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Song Of The Day! Jo Goes Hunting Shares ‘Computa’ (feat. Rocco & Carmen).

Running down a dream. A dream of relevance, and extremities. A pension for the odd, and the accent of a well made cup of coffee. Separately, things just float in on this desk, the world, this Universe. Joe Goes Hunting, seems to put it all together for us to understand, in addition to getting entertained.

‘Computa’ is “all about the love/hate relationship we have with our computers” stated Jo. “It’s a realization of how big of a role this machine got in our western lives. Should I be ashamed of how affected I got to my laptop and phone? Should I just destroy it?”

Jo collabed with artists Rocco Hueting from the band De Staat, and vocalist Carmen, to create this one of a kind, visceral take, into the art of living and significance of the evolving style of that style of existing.

“My verse is sketching the addicted computer lover who goes mad. Rocco sings from perspective of the computer, as if it talks back to us and has a mind of its own. Carmen’s verse is about disliking all the power the computer has and she wants to pull the plug out of all computers worldwide.”

Filled with hip-hop beats and spoken word fabulousness, it is a touch of the ol’ school rap game, of something out of the ol’ Bronx and Queens era of the 80’s, with the funk and groove that is futuristic, with a tinge of industrial growl, and Gorillaz / Tribe Called Quest / De La Soul-like beat down of your senses.

Now, it’s Jo-time, and the work goes into bliss with fantastical time changes, lyrical sentimentalism, and production excellence. The combination of the 3 artists are to die for in this offering.

Ultimately, the song speaks, and you eagerly absorb the goodness. All while you’re intoxicated by the flow of it all.

See Jo next @ Rotown Rotterdam, Netherlands, on November 14th.



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