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Song Of The Day! Jon Bryant Shares ‘Paradise’. Make Up With The One You love. Then Make Love.

Dithering. Dithering. Racking your brain, with the stick of buttered up emotions – crisp, fried, and very tired. You make the brain sizzle, in a bad way. In a Michael Jackson ‘bad’. You make a mushed up mental state, a scrambled up egg casserole of a child-like drool.

You know this.

You smirk.

Why do you torture me so.

“Because I like seeing you like this.”

You’re so cruel.

“I know.”

“Kiss me. I need you. I can’t live without you.”

“I know.”

First single from upcoming album ‘Cult Classic,’ inspired by Jon’s short-lived time as a member of a cult a few years back.

This sultry song of regret, and, ironically- of harmony – delves deep into our secretive hearts. Jon’s vocals is pop to the edge, and then with the soul stylistics, bring you back, on solid lovely ground.

Make up with the one you love. Then make love.



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