SONG OF THE DAY! Jonathan Bree shares ‘Valentine’. Shows how complex animals, we can be.

The third single ‘Valentine’ from the upcoming new album ‘Sleepwalking’, the weird takes your hand and goes on a trek in the wooded hills of emotional bliss – off of another’s misery, but who’s counting. That’s what we are – animals who are very basic and fundamentally trite sometimes. Bravo, Jonathan Bree.


Long term, current, past, or future – warnings abound, waving in the air – add it up at your own risk. Or it can mean a potential life together, unknown, and beautiful.

Who knows.

“You’re worthy of one just as wrong, who is as dismal. When all is grey a disarray, better the devil”.

We dig Jonathan’s sensibilities and oddly familiar, zeal for dealing with life. And we love this song.

Jonathan isn’t a stranger to accolades. We’d said something about him in the past, and other have, many times – including ‘Best Video Of 2017’ by Time Out Mag.

The longevity on the rhythms and progression, is dramatic, and Bowie-like. It’s original, poetic, and surreal, and we couldn’t get enough. The boundaries set by Jonathan is way larger than what we mortals know of. The boundaries he’s touching pushes back, and hugs the ‘damn it to hell’ and maybe bit threatening attitude of the song.

Oh yea.

The New Zealander is fab in his presentation, and ‘pink-love’ in this latest video. The self describing ‘social recluse’ is someone we ‘get’ and understand.

Well, in any case, enjoy the music. Close your eyes, or not, it’s a dan good time.


Looking forward to the LP release, in whole, on May 4, 2018.

In the meantime, you can buy his other stuff [HERE]

He’s rep’ed by Lil’ Chief Records.


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