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Song Of The Day! JONATHAN SOMETHING Shares Single ‘A Fan’ Off Of Latest LP, ‘Outlandish Poetica’.

JONATHAN SOMETING is the solo project of Jon Searles, and in his 3rd track of his latest album ‘Outlandish Poetica’ is perfection. Boasting the unfettered dread of love and love lost, in a tragedy that was unforeseen, the 70’s movie that we’ve seen in our emotions, blasts us with radiations of jazz-blues-melodrama we desire.

Forever is ‘forever’.

Love isn’t forever, at all.

Or are we being too pessimistic and cynical?

The art of Jon’s project is the ‘unreachable’ intentions between one and two. Miscommunication in lust and ultimate failure our egos, will destroy our lives. We were young and never realized what we had at that moment in life. We regret not exploring deeper and lovingly, the affection she had – for you, for what you represented.

You’re not lost.

Your soul is the piece of ‘lost and found’ sheet of paper on the light pole of that Main Boulevard.

You want that feeling back.

You want her back. You want him back.

Jon asks whether it’s worth fighting out way out of this hole.

Yes. You can. You must. You deserve better.

The outstandingly fabulous Baroque-pop-rock collection of ‘Outlandish Poetica’ is available now.



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