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Song Of The Day! Josh Okeefe ‘Build a Wall’ : It’s the 21st century, 20 years on. Let’s be better.

Josh Okeefe

It’s a simple solution. At least from the surface. Keep them out. Keep yourself, in. Keep them away from our sensibilities. Keep them stray, in confusion and isolation.

But it’s not a simple solution. So many things depend on our general consensus to manage and then do our best to grow together. Negotiations in keeping your own identity, should be balanced with the supposition of what humanity can (must) be.

Continued suffering, amplified deaths, exasperating mis-understandings – only feed the folks who do not care.

Going back to the ‘better world’ of the past, isn’t an answer. Building that proverbial mental and cultural wall, just isolates you from progress and knowledge. Knowledge and progression of our species, is what we do. And to do it with kindness and community, in mind, that wall – as simple as it seems to erect – must never be the first resort.

Our hearts must be open.

Our respect for culture must be solid.

Let’s hold hands to move forward, in the best way we know we can.

Josh Okeefe’s sing’e ‘Build a Wall’, post Trump and Brexit, is and will be poignant to the cause. The ‘base’ will still thrive and amplify their words, as the years go by. But at the same time, the ‘opposition’ – which looks towards a future betterment, must resist and keep on doing its most humane and democratic of wills.

It’s the 21st century, 20 years on. Let’s be better.

Beautiful message from Josh, indeed.

His ‘BLOOMIN’ vinyl LP will drop, December 18th.


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