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Song Of The Day! Jouska ‘Because I Really Don’t Mind’ : Battle axe of fun deviations, daftly digitized. Fleeting and jaunting vocals embrace.


Debut album ‘Everything Is Good’ from fabulous duo Jouska is out. Should be in your hands. In your devices. In your dancing hearts. Released through French label Kitsuné Records, ‘Because I really Don’t Mind’ is something that you need to keep in mind, now.

Said the band: “’Because I Really Don’t Mind’ is about feeling like an alien in a person suit. Sometimes it feels like everyone else in the world is a collective group of beings who form a community of which I’m not a part of. Like they don’t trust me and I don’t trust them.”

Marit Othilie Thorvik and Hans Olav Settem together makes beautiful music together, and never seems to disappoint.

Never late to the party, Jouska’s voice for song, is a battle axe of fun deviations, daftly digitized, while the fleeting and jaunting vocals of Marit, gleans you into that naughty guilt, then embrace.

Word up, indeed.


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