Song Of The Day! JULIE NEFF Shares Notions Of Embattled Emotions In Single ‘Remember Me’.

Decorative relationships strewn up against the murals of indecency, we cannot help that we are sometimes helpless in our infatuations of self-hate. In degrees that culminate into facets of norm, we dig our graves in culture, in the hopes of pleasing another of significance. We sell ourselves a bit short living on this life-tree.

Song Of The Day!

JULIE NEFF is the bringer of insight from this catacomb of darkness. A place of self induced forbiddance, our attitudes shimmer down onto a gentle stream of water, glistened by the sun, darkened only by our misbehaving heart.

In ‘Remember Me’, Julie shares the acoustic nuances that distinctly differentiates her work from many other. Her lyrics and note filled soundscape, is amplified by the emotion filled inflections of her voice and demeanor. Her distinct story in ‘Remember Me’ is complete with all of the elements you seek in a song of this caliber.

The beautiful single diminishes nothing about the world that she writes about.

It is a promise that only satisfies if ample efforts are made by each party.

The Toronto based artist makes us feel like there’s hope in the world – without any pretense and heart-degrading ambivalence. The singer/songwriter is a talent who we should emulate.

With her songs, Julie, keeps you safe, with honesty and unbridled enthusiasm for what can be, in the future.

We do hope that you listen to this fantastic artist.

‘Remember Me’ is quite something to behold.


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