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Song Of The Day! Junodream Shares ‘Limiter’. “Pointed in harmonies of utilitarian empathy.”

The new video was directed by JUNODREAM’s long time friend, Ned Botwood, and was shot during a 50mph gale in a lost corner of the West Country. The song was inspired by an aggressive encounter with an uptight nightclub bouncer, lead vocalist Ed Vyvyan had at one time.

Said Dougal Gray: “The video for ‘Limiter’ is Ned’s surreal depiction of something totally mundane: getting pushed by someone bigger than you, feeling emasculated but being too scared to say anything. It’s set in a creepy rural underworld and follows a group of big, angry, emotional men. The video culminates in the hair-raisingly weird bouncer dance sequence.”

Ed Vyvyan, Dougal, Tom Rea, Jake Gidley, and Will Ryder make up the project of JUNODREAM.

And ‘Limiter’ just feels good.

Damn good.

If you have the gumption to hear and listen to bittersweet / sweet and the bitter, then, the outputs from the quintet is for you. Aligned in the magnificence of serenity, dipped in the poison of sacrificial nihilism, stabbed at the heart by the dagger of life’s responsibilities – the songs are pointed in harmonies of utilitarian empathy.

Riotous in understatement, and impactful in desire, ‘Limiter’ is another fab addition to the band’s arsenal of songs.

Taste the goodness.

See the band next @ SET (SET Dalston Lane), London, October 4th.



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