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Song Of The Day! Kacey Johansing ‘All of Me’ : Irrevocable goodness is geared up for the love and aspiring warmth.

Kacey Johansing

Kacey Johansing’s irrevocable goodness is geared up for the love and aspiring warmth you’d discovered you wanted. For yourself and for your own, ‘All of Me’ is a vocal and constructive variance of good vibes and assertion.

No matter the cause or effect, Kacey brings a ‘breadth’ of fresh-air to the fore, with songs that touch and re-admit the sanctity of it all. A chain of words, to rhythm, and to the winds of whims, ‘All of Me’ is a sentimental vision for the colors that shine love the brightest, and drives its mahogany mission.

Kacey Johansing will release her new album ‘No Better Time’ on November 20th. Eleven songs that are armed with Kacey’s thought provoking and inducing vibe for inquiry and answers, the search is a decadent tribe of huddled wherewithal, masquerading in a soup of power and vocal articulation.

Kacey’s a treat, seemingly every time we hear her work speak.

Get to know Kacey.

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Today I am releasing the title track off of my upcoming album “No Better Time”. It also felt like the perfect day to cast my vote. This song is about speaking truth in regard to my experience with abusive and/or alcoholic men in my life. It starts off with an unconditional blessing and well wishes, while at its core, yearns to bring integrity to these relationships and for the truth to be known. It seems too often that we choose to protect the ones we love even if those people have hurt us. This may even mean lying on their behalf and keeping the abuse a secret for the purpose of maintaining the relationship. This song grapples with that struggle—finding some kind of healing balance that includes loving and wishing the best for someone who has caused such deep pain, while also holding them accountable. We see this playing out in our government as the corrupt and the abusive continue to hold power with little to no consequences. The irony is not lost on me that I am endorsing a man who has been accused himself, but knowing the alternative, for me the choice is clear. As the election approaches, I stand in awe of all of the women and people who have spoken truth to power. Even when it seems to fall on deaf ears, I know that we must continue to do so. We must vote and speak out and use our voices for good. There truly is no better time. Listen and find more voter information in my bio. Single artwork by @whatmilesdrawsandalsoseestoo and photo by @annastlouis Biden/Harris 2020

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