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Song Of The Day! Kadhja Bonet Announces Sophomore Album. Shares First Single ‘Mother Maybe’.

L.A. based singer and songwriter Kadhja Bonet comes back at us with her soulful and R&B aesthetics with her sophomore album ‘Childqueen’. This beautifully crafted collection developed in several cities and hotel rooms. But with the kind of writing that is intrinsically expected of Bonet. Her soft and powerful vocals take us away to a past that is the future, waiting for us to catch up.

Kadhja Bonet will perform in Los Angeles on April 7 at The Lodge Room.

In contrast to the soft underpinnings of the presentation, ‘Mother Maybe’ is of wheedling a big stick. Take it as it may, but the continued strain of strength and realization, is the silk that binds the effervescence of the song. Not everything needs to be about confrontation. There are ways to deal with difficulties. Truth in self, then acceptance, grief, then action – there is somewhat of a closing of one chapter which quickly opens another blank page. That page, is open for interpretation, and your own freedom and future.

Bonet states, “this record crushed my ego, and I’m surprised I’m still alive.”

Yes. Let us, as fans, be very selfish and say that your efforts made our day ‘stay alive’.

Let’s build back, together, shall we?


Buy [HERE]

She’s rep’ed by Fat Possum.


1. Procession
2. Childqueen
3. Another Time Lover
4. Delphine
5. Thoughts Around Tea
6. Joy
7. Wings
8. Mother Maybe
9. Second Wind
10. Nostalgia


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