Song Of The Day! KARL JAKOB’s Single ‘On Repeat’ Is A Glorious Return To Creative Music.

Karl Tore Jakob Stenseke is KARL JAKOB. And let’s be quiet for a moment. Let’s listen to this delicious single ‘On Repeat’. It’s a gorgeous single made up of pastel clouds hidden behind the peaks – those mountain peaks – of love degradation, per Million. It’s YOU. It’s Him. It’s Her. Coming together in a package full of nuances and hidden Easter eggs, ‘On Repeat’ is a treat at each turn of the hard drive. The Swedish music producer and multi-instrumentalist is a testament to the level of creativity, that is rare in this space.

Here’s Karl describing himself. “I am Karl Tore Jakob Stenseke, Swedish music producer and multi-instrumentalist. In the early 00’s I was the guitarist and saxophone player of the Swedish grammy nominated band Zekes. In 2012, I released my first self-produced indie pop album under the name The Key Key. Since then I have done two albums and two EP’s with psychedelic/electronic pop duo Feelium.”

Ultimately he’d been ‘reborn’ as KARL JAKOB, with an upcoming (March 2019) EP titled ‘Pippi Is Dead. And We Killed Her.”

And to that effect, just like how his songs make us feel – we are frozen with delight, with his attitude, his aura, his servile platitudes, and even with his dynamic and ostensible prolonging of thoughts.

Karl makes us think.

He makes us guess.

Karl is like our tortured mind, injected with that concoction of do-nothings, invigorating but subduing our every nuance of our core. It is the death of non-sense, and return to a black forest filled with remarkable tensions.

And it’s just all glorious.

Get to know Karl’s works, and his unique musical mind. We can’t wait to continue down the rabbit hole with Karl. Where ever that may lead.


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