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Song Of The Day! keaton dekker ‘makeup’ : Relegates the world outside, into a dissolvable and more meaningful supplement.

keaton dekker / Photo: Jonathan Wykes

Beautified and exemplified, the shimmering refreshment of keaton dekker’s fabulous debut single hits all the right marks. Writhing in the tragedies of growing up, marred in the mires of the world up against you, ‘makeup’ delves into a scene of unfolding story lines, in friendships, loves, and everything in between. A cellular evisceration of thought and heart, ‘makeup’ truly comes through with the goods.

Said keaton: “I wrote it in mid 2018 and it marked a huge switch for me in the way I began to trust myself more.”

The young artist with much to express through this songs, begins a new journey – a much more satisfying journey, than he’d ever thought. The glance of invocation, shines in the vocal pangs, in the best traditions of KEANE and Porches, while holding your beckoning want throughout, with nervous excitement and ultimate confidence.

“I made ‘makeup’ in my bedroom,” keaton added about the technical elements. “To record my vocals, I’d turn the boiler off in my room so it would be quiet enough. After a while though, my Mum would tell me to turn it back on when it got that bit too cold. With the song, I remember playing around with this warbly arpeggiator sound and the rest of it followed. A friend showed me ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox which was an influence for “makeup” too. But my aim was to create escapism and atmosphere. I wanted the sounds to take me far away and sound exactly how I felt.”

The maturity of ‘makeup’, in its foundation and elemental dexterity, is a testament to the deep connection keaton demonstrates in his choice of words. The construction relegates the world outside, into a dissolvable and more meaningful supplement, helping us to cope then maybe mend.

Lovely start, indeed.


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