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Song Of The Day! Keeli Ferris Shares ‘Goodbye’. “Any day. Any part of the year. Any life-time.”

We’ll take KEELI FERRIS as she is. Any day. Any part of the year. Any life-time.

The aspiring singer/songwriter from Nelson, New Zealand is inspiring. Her song ‘Goodbye’ is one of those that, even if there wasn’t any musical instruments baked in, the words – those fabulously lusty and creamy words – can carry it through to the listener’s heart, without fail.

As Keeli’s Edie Brickell-vibin’ vocal aesthetics, dwell on a hurt of a heart, the hold that Keeli expresses on the minute regrets and assumptions, resoundingly color the pallet of our listening hearts.

From the first note, to the first word of the lyrics, to the fully cascading pictures of what a love might feel, Keeli hits this song, out of the park – and then some. A 3D manifest-destiny and when the crops of the sewn story elements, bloom into full view at the crest of the song – gives us beautiful feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment, and for confidence in love.

The combination of potentiality and devastatingly close personal horizons, simply shine by proxy of Keeli’s ambition for hope – even within this dire and unchangeable tale.

‘Goodbye’ is a gorgeous single, with the utmost purity and honesty.

Keeli worked with friend Son Boku (The BoShow) musician and producer in this fabulous piece. Highlighting successfully and keeping to the core of the song and its magnificent strengths, is grandeur at its best.



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