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Song Of The Day! KellyMarie Shares ‘Spotlight Tonight’. You Left Me. But I’ll Survive.

I skipped to school today. My knees hurt a bit from the jarring work from the other day, but it was okay. As I skipped, the waters from puddles in the pavement street splashed on me and all over. Just like the little girl I used to be, my joy was full and complete.

I’d forgotten, how my knees were aching. Must have been something very insignificant and small, so that it wasn’t worth remembering. But worries me a little not to remember something that happened just a day ago.

Some say if the incident was too traumatic, some people block it from their memories. Maybe that’s what happened to me? But what could have happened?

Oh well, I’m here splashing about the street with my umbrella open, and there isn’t anything that could stop me from enjoying this little moment.

Wait. Was I working yesterday? Maybe. No. I wasn’t working. I feel I’d lost something. A person? An opportunity? Something…

Suddenly I remembered: John… You left me.

I fell to my knees in the pouring rain, hurting my knees. My clothes were soaking wet, holding up my husk of a body.

KELLYMARIE reminds us of a classic singler-songwriting from Lilly Allen a long time ago. Just sprite-y, light, and refreshing in many ways. Technically not quite the same as LA, but Kellymarie brings her own twist to the songwriting process, and does it very nicely in her single ‘Spotlight Tonight’.

It’s just that essence we’re comparing. And sometimes, that’s all that’s needed, ain’t it?

Anywho, take a look at her upcoming ‘On A Whim’ when it drops August 24th.

Should be a delight.



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