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Song Of The Day! Kiesza ‘All Of The Feelings’ : 2020 turns the dials up for the artist with the golden touch.


Time is now. The vibe is right. All the hard work is paying off.

It’s come to this point. And within this cross road, Kiesza returns emphatically with ‘All Of The Feelings’ – a single that truly returns her back into the top levels of the dance-pop world. The range of emotions are filled contiguously, without lapse, in this single. Its success in getting your feet and heart dancing as she’s always done, just makes this all the more special.

It’s that golden touch of making you feel one with a better personal future, to come.

On the music video Kiesza stated: “It was shot on essentially no budget, on an iPhone 11 and a limo we found on Craigslist. What you see is a car full of friends who love and look out for one another. I’m so proud of the people around me and grateful for their presence in my life.” A collab with new independent collective Zebra Spirit Tribe.

Re-emerging as an independent musician and staking her claim in the electro-pop scene, Kiesza ended 2019 by releasing two new singles, ‘Sweet Love’ and ‘You’re The Best’ via her label Zebra Spirit Tribe.

With more new music on the way 2020 is set to be a big year for the singer-songwriter who took the last decade by storm.

We all can’t wait for more.

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Wow. Big things really do come from baby steps. I feel so blessed and excited right now. There have been so many hard days or moments where the little ripples we’ve been making, seem to be swallowed by the immense tidal wave we’re up against. So many people dropped hints along the way that I wouldn’t be able to do this independently on the scale I’ve set my goals to. But my tribe though small, is powerful and mighty. And we support one another both as a group and as individuals. We’re close friends. Everyone matters. There aren’t words for my gratitude for the people around me, and this includes all of my fans as well. I went to the mall yesterday and looked up to see this. I had to pause and smile. We’ve been working so hard lately that every little result comes with so much reward. Congratulations to my whole team and everyone involved in creating and supporting All of the Feelings. I’ve tagged you all the photo! Hope I didn’t miss anyone. Love you all! And the kickass photo on the billboard is by @fhtw.jin

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Kiesza / Photo: Jimmy Lin



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