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Song Of The Day! King Jane ‘Little Devil’ : Push this project to those exacting and emotional specification.

King Jane

King Jane is a Brooklyn based indie/psychedelic rock band rips apart the skies in ‘Little Devil’. The grating insolence of rock ballad progressions, clamor for the real estate of your heart, as the earthy rock radiates that distinctly King Jane shine and brilliantly divulge antecedent in song.

A beautifully deep and soaked effervescence of bitter-sweet madness, this gorgeously rock and ravishingly indie, brings all of what feelings of guilt and pleasure might sound, audibly. Featuring 3 songwriters and a true collaborative spirit, the band’s music has a nostalgic gumption that draws on the music of decades past.

The band released its debut EP, ‘Deep in the Garden’ (2019). And now following up with ‘Little Devil’, their sound and over-beat definition is struck into a visceral rock that has reached another level of decadence.

An instant King Jane classic.

Michael Sanders, Kenny Florence, Sean Atkinson and Lex Nordlinger push this project to those exacting and emotional specification.


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