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Song Of The Day! Kirty ‘This Year’s Been Hell’ : Purity in talent, glistens brightly in front of your eyes and shines to glorious effect.

Kirty / Photo: Jen Squires

Wondrous and wild. Courteous and generous. These are some of the adjectives that permeate the pores of the lyrical extravaganza in Kirty’s works.

Writhing in affection, the indie/grunge vibes and rockin’ certainties of this purity in talent, glistens brightly in front of your eyes and shines to glorious effect.

Said Kirty: “It’s a wild, wild coincidence that I wrote and recorded this song and held onto it long enough to release the track in the middle of a pandemic, civil unrest, environmental crisis, and a political circus. “‘This Year’s Been Hell’ is about working through pain and loss and understanding that there are times when you need to put everything else in your life on hold. Just for a bit, and focus on the people around you. It’s about witnessing someone experience their final chapter of this grand ol’ life, and the mix of feelings that bubble up from that experience.”

The Toronto-based singer-songwriter tries to make records is the “art of making time capsules of your own life”.

Also a member of acclaimed indie-rock group Fast Romantics, Kirty released one solo record in 2016 that found success on Canadian radio.

Kirty’s project is more than. It’s that call to music that needs to be heard.


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