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Song Of The Day! KYŁO ‘Tell you’ : We were right, then. We are convinced, even more.


A beat. A beating of your heart. A thump, and thump, in energetic enthusiasm and revelry. A minute by minute on a peculiar polarization in love, and lust, and infatuation. That’s where we hear and embrace KYŁO’s latest single ‘Tell you’.

We’d stated of KYŁO before and said: “You turn on KYŁO’s music and you just close your eyes. Thinking. Making sure of catching the beats of your heart.” She is “talented, precise, succulent, and devastatingly fabulous to listen to. From the unabated vocals of angel-like breaths, to the timbre of significance and attitudes, KYŁO, brings it seemingly without a sweat.”

We were right, then. We are convinced, even more.

The story doesn’t change as ‘Tell You’ is a jam with grooves that dig deep and wide.

Off of her ‘Exit’ EP, the single delivers with clustered feelings, emotionally drenched, and majestic in melancholic empathies. It crams in all of the righteously decadent vibes, of shimmering contingencies, of delight and love-loss.

“The visuals that have been created for this song, are an artistic resemblance of those meanings,” said KYŁO on the music video. “The use of fabrics tying the couple together are a metaphor for feeling trapped in a relationship, and the fear of leaving/being alone. Blended together with skyscapes, car rides, and a long walk into the water to contemplate everything…these visuals bring an eerie outlook to the song.”

It’s an embrace, in comfort. A comfort where KYŁO can offer, over and over. That’s what a slice of KYŁO does and wills you to dream. Always creating new sounds of ambition and intricacies of simplicity, KYŁO’s attention to music always impresses.


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