Song Of The Day! L.A. Rochelle Shares ‘No more (Encore)’. “Anthem for betterment. A break from the past.”

The ever diminishing altitudes of lust, vagrancy, emotional pompousness. A range of personal effects collected on the dusty top of the bureau, looking for someone to come and wipe it clean of the past layers of sediments.

From the heft of such colors that mark a life, it’s hard to imagine it being easy. For we all live in this 4 framed narrative of the society we live in. A microcosm of macro significance that unobtrusively permeate our pours, with rare ingenuity and swaths of banal normality.

That sediment of time and memories, are always on top of moving sand, never possible to be bedrock solid, but always needing maintenance and honest reflection.

L.A. ROCHELLE wanted to escape from it. Just like we all do to a certain degree, one defining rationality or event marked the new ‘starting point’ for his next chapter.

Years of frustrations, curiosities, goodness, righteousness, and vision as the cost for entry, L.A. remarkably keeps his hopes alive, as his music pushes back at the part time nastiness.

‘No more (Encore)’ is a dark song. It juxtaposes its shimmering pop exterior, but it drives ever consistently into the maddening reflections of steps that were taken in a life. It cultivates the fruits of the seeds that were planted, with a blend of passion and reality soaked ambiguous apathy. The tint of 60’s French movie dynamics, with the hard and soft edge of looking at the world he occupies, ‘No More (Encore)’ is a fab way to start again.

“This pseudonym was born from tragedy,” said L.A., “as I desperately tried to escape my flat in Paris where my best friend took the life of my other best friend (the two of whom had been in a secret gay relationship). Dealing with the trauma and grief, I immersed myself in my music as I bought time and saved to travel to L.A. from La Rochelle. Through this project and this song I’ve redefined my perspective of love, friendship and loss.”

Though darker than how pop could be, ‘No More (Encore)’ is a break from a spiral downwards, and pre-empts a tale of positivity.

An anthem for what we think we deserve in making us, better.



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