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Song Of The Day! Lalande ‘He Never Wanted To Die’ : A grand marker. Lalande, is tasty and brings forth all that is tang and powerful.


Lia Braswell (former member of A Place To Bury Strangers) has started to release songs in collaboration with her brother, Sebastian Braswell under the monicker Lalande.

This most recent release, ‘He Never Wanted To Die’ takes the listener on a very personal journey that shares a process of articulating grief for the loss of their older brother. Their project is in honor of him, but the siblings have taken this opportunity to intertwine their musical tastes in an organic manner.

Lia, who had been studying jazz since she was eight and Sebastian, who spends most of his time producing intricate compositions put both of their techniques together in order to make a distinctive and intentional message that helps them both overcome challenging experiences as well as utilize their expression to carry on a bigger message to those who can relate.

“Look at these two people with their hands belonging near each other
Unafraid to see what’s there beneath their fingertips
A ceremony of commitment, the Valley, or the weekend,
And above them still the cloud that met them long ago as children”

Lia’s latest is a succulent succubus of notes and tangible vibes that sink deep and ever profound into the layers of emotive inquiries. With ambitious drum heft, and to the burrowing antecedents in pace and candor, Lia and Sebastian’s glimpse into a nether-world of possibilities are gilded and decadently crafted.

A grand marker, for what the duo can do, Lalande, is tasty and brings forth all that is tang and powerful.

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One of my favorite songs from @alfons_robert ‘s 2-part album, The Destroyer that came out in 2019 is “Gone”. The lyricism, the builds, the intentions that come through are so touching and life-affirming! When we play this song live it feels brand new yet relatable each time. We closed out the set with it the other night and it felt like a moment in which I was officially letting go of this wacky battle with guilt and attachment that took over the better part of me these last few years. THIS is bliss. to play with and be around people who make relatable and profound music to overcome the common struggles of daily human maintenance, to be able to tap into the deepest joys not at all times but enough to be reminded that it exists (whether it be making music, talking to an unconditionally loving friend, taking a walk while the sun is going down, unexpected compliments), and to share what comes out with trust that it can help some part of someone who was in need of a smile or a little bit of a dance or release of some sort. My hope is to maintain those reminders and positive steps towards more kindness when murky thoughts arise or when something is out of my control. Love you @alfons_robert. Love you @planetesther. #liveshows #drums #knockdowncenter #trst #ladydrums #music #vaterdrumsticks #candcdrumco #roland #spdsx #dreamcymbals

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