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Song Of The Day! Lawn ‘Jane Ryan’ : Clings to your pallet like luxury.


‘Jane Ryan’, the second single from ‘Johnny’ – the upcoming September 4th dropping LP – clings to your pallet like luxury.

Post-punk trio Lawn is led by bandmates Mac Folger and Rui DeMagalhaes. Originally from Tennessee and Venezuela respectively, they first met in New Orleans’ house show scene and formed Lawn a few years later. The band’s forthcoming sophomore LP, ‘Johnny’, follows their debut ‘Blood on the Tracks’ (Forged Artifacts, 2018). It ranges from ragged post-punk to gleeful ‘90s indie-rock hooks, with the art-punk-infused “Jane Ryan” arriving as the second single ahead of release.

“The song was written around the time we were wrapping up the first record. Rui had become obsessed with the idea of wealth as a conduit for power and how those dynamics play out in cults of personality. As a Venezuelan, talking about the dichotomy of money over people seemed to hit close in many ways, but exploring it through this lens was something we were more inclined to do; it happens everywhere, and the US has been entering a phase too reminiscent of this subject.”

Said Mac: “‘Jane Ryan’ was the pseudonym Imelda Marcos listed in her offshore bank accounts while acting as first lady of the Philippines. I became obsessed by how much wealth she had accrued during her husband’s dictatorship and how grossly open she was about it. There’s something to be said about corruption and ego; there’s this Marie Antoinette complex that is quite fascinating to see in modern history, especially within the rise of far-right and wealth politics over the last 5 years. It’s repulsive and vile and inherently draconian.”

‘Johnny’ is equal parts “raw anger and utter joy”, it is a fierce collection of bombastic indie rock, the “perfect soundtrack to our canceled summer”.

Recording with friend and local mainstay Matthew Seferian (Pope, Matt Surfin’ & Friends) at his studio The Palace gave them the freedom and leeway to make music at their own pace, getting everything exactly right.


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