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Song Of The Day! Lea Porcelain ‘Sink into the Night’ : Calling out your name with prodigious embolisms.

Manifests with quintessential amplitude and hymn.

Lea Porcelain Photo: Peter Kaaden

Haven’t felt this kind of euphoria in an alternative single, until the goodness of Lea Porcelain’s single ‘Sink Into The Night’ came along. Filled with obsessively curated tolerance, the beckoning emergence of dextrous fingers on heart, calling out your name with prodigious embolisms – the song delights with an utterance of purity in synth and lyrical glances.

Gazing into to future of night and day, ‘Sink Into The night’ is a majestic galaxy of sights and sounds, dancing in the moonlight of hither sequences. The grassy blades of subtle ambience, tell of a story of a self-righteous and defining groove of views and indulgences, of which the protagonist flicks off the flakes of life and sips from the carcass of the remaining.

‘Sink Into The Night’ makes the life of holy vigil, tainted in golden molasses, both delicious and hard to escape from. A manic depressive and aggression of such kind hearted understanding, manifests with quintessential amplitude and hymn.

The duo stated: “[‘Sink into the Night’] is rich in vibrant synthesizers and gentle vocals laced with percussion as lively as a marching band, creating a track as quixotic as a lucid dream.”

The project named Lea Porcelain was born out of two Berlin based artist, producer Julien Bracht and singer Markus Nikolaus. The duo met for the first time in a nightclub in Frankfurt and ever since then, their thirst for expression defied the urges of the outside world; ultimately formed in the generosity of this current state of affairs, such as Lea Porcelain.

Now, 6 years on, they’re ready to reveal their 2nd album under this beautifully surreal offering of Lea Porcelain.

A fantastic return to form, indeed.



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