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Song Of The Day! Leo and the Maydays ‘Leaves and Trees and…’ : A homecoming of spectacular colors, cast off the spindle of life

New place of appreciation and joy.

Leo And The Maydays

Leo And The Maydays’ single ‘Leaves And Trees And…’ is a song that brings such sentiments of those days of returning home. A homecoming of spectacular colors, cast off the spindle of life, as you re-enter the town’s outer boundaries once more. Nervous, after many years, and anxious for the familiarities of those things to come – you drive on with a pensive bite to your lips and also a smile from ear to ear.

Uplifting is ‘Leaves and Trees and…’

A shimmer of decorated pride and judgments, all rolled into a leather sewn shoulder bag, the song projects with unbridled confidence. With that often hard to pin-point feel of that affection for an individual’s secret longing it is a drive for the fences. The alt grunge-like garage soft ballad, gets you going with immutable semblance for excitement. The song is a happy and somber beauty for any kind of day. The nostalgic vibes aren’t overlooked, as the best traditions of folk, Americana, and 90’s alt-rock come together in this glorious vat of sounds and soundscapes.

The Ithaca, NY band is headed by the beautifully tailored and naturally descriptive vocals of Hannah Ruttle. Unattainably solemn, yet demurely strong, the inevitable psyche in story telling, comes to a big extravaganza, as the subtle tinge of self-determination is profoundly forged within this lovely song.

Hannah’s song is an exercise of “processing or describing social anxiety, social pain, or dealing with any situation the author hates being around.” The protagonist narration of the song describes the surrounding landscape of forest and leaves and trees; where an expected acceptance into that longed-for ‘liberation’ is found.

This single marks the first release through her partners at New Vine Records, and with her bandmates. And the rich harmonies and beautiful lyrics, brings the listener to a new place of appreciation and joy.

Hannah’s song writing is just gorgeous, poignant, in-depth, and unavoidable for your heart.

Get into Leo And The Maydays.

We suggest you listen to Hannah’s solo project and of her newest, as well.



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