Song Of The Day! LeTrainiump’s Funky Pop Extravagance ‘Think.’ Makes Us Want To Love Again.

With playful lyrics, layered in serious about what it all means for all of us at the cusp of love, pop artist Tray Richard, debuts his single ‘Think’. LeTrainiump is the project of the New Orleans based future pop star and in it his consistent stretching of notions in playing your hand in the game of life and love, depicts ultimate understanding and affection.

Stating about ‘Think.’ Tray said: “We tend to overthink the many ways our decisions can play out and affect our relationships, while constantly being reminded of what we don’t want to happen or be and what we keep falling over!”

The synth laden single never gets down on what life can bring, but quickly turns the chapter to better and happier times of what is imagined and what could be. The single pushes the listener to lose all the angst from the daily grind to point at the goodness of the little things that matter most.

A smile.

A touch.

A girl.

A boy.

It’s a fab new single explosion, and that’s why it’s our Song of the Day!

And as always, if a song makes us inadvertently move our money makers, we pay attention.



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