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Song Of The Day! Lewin ‘Don’t You Dare’ : Heads for better and brighter waters of your heart.

Beautifully shimmering.

A long and desperate goodbye. Lewin, as if she’d predicted the fall of a relationship, her world crumbled as seemingly as quick as the beginning of it all. From her newest album ‘For The Leaving’, Lewin revisits the hurt and mind numbing irony of it all.

From a world full of love and affection, her chad for it hung in the winds of unrelenting torrents of hurricane winds and confusion.

Lyrics might depict such an event, but with the decadently sullen yet powerful vocal expressions of Lewin, decks out the yacht of your sensibilities and heads for better and brighter waters of your heart.

It’s an EP full of celebrations, within folds of the darkness that Lewin had written down.

Listening to ‘Don’t You Dare’, you don’t get to feel the depths of despair that she might have saw in her premonitions. With artful casts of American blues and folk intuitions, the virtual rounds of harsh liquor swishes into breath of freshness and air, all becoming of Lewin and her delightful beauty in song.

A cast of characters are sewn in a majestic painted frame in the EP – “a growing romance, but a feeling of unease throughout – Lewin feels she will be left behind, and sings to brace herself for when it happens.

‘Lewin’ is the beautifully shimmering songwriter and musician, Jara Holdert (formerly known as ‘JARA’).

‘Don’t You Dare’ is our Song Of The Day.

See Lewin next @ Matt Winson V11 December 12th.



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