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Song Of The Day! Lian Ray Shares ‘Mateo’. “Impinging guilts, masochistic nuances, and beautifully dark aromas of sound.”

French singer/songwriter LIAN RAY’s debut single ‘Mateo’ is a gem. Simply that. Full stop. The honest and nurturing vibe of the song is haunting yet invariably nonchalant and didactic. Multiple personalities hinge on the vocals of Lian, as the song progresses into a palpable absolution through impinging guilts, masochistic nuances, and beautifully dark aromas of sound.

Lian’s near decade of battling his personal demons in Berlin Germany, he’d turned won by attrition and exiled himself in Amsterdam to transform.

The result is this gorgeously tantalizing single ‘Mateo’.

The longing vibes reverberate throughout the song, coming in and out of shades of blue and purple. Lian’s hands of caress, guides those words, carefully, as the mires of the past spikes from the floor of absence and ignorance. Time for redemption, is at the castle gates, and Lian will be waiting.




‘Mateo’ is the story of a muse named ‘Rose’, and how he’d fallen for the beauty, and the thought of her going back to her own beloved, was eating him alive.

‘Mateo’ is a beautiful single; a short story within its folds and undulations.



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