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Song Of The Day! Liesl ‘Driveway Bruises’ : Bordered in solitary mindsets, beseeched in gargantuan horrors of privacy and institutional revisions.

Liesl / Photo: David Marnuse

Her environment. Her revelry. It is different from all of us. The dashing winter storms of wind swept rationale, dollop into spheres of itineraries in mind, heart, and emotive angular-isms. A pageantry of like minds, pouring over the glowing magma of explosive feelings and affirmations.

A boundless trek, bordered in solitary mindsets, beseeched in gargantuan horrors of privacy and institutional revisions.

The 20-year-old Berlin based artist started to compose and write her own music and lyrics after relocating from South Africa to Germany as a teenager.

The confoundingly complex and irrevocably intoxicating poetry of ‘Driveway Bruises’ tickle your fancy with hefty visions of a young woman who’d earned the right to up-end the status quo. A prescient inclination, doubted by none, but always roiled into beauty by the forging of Liesl’s unambiguous expressions.

Said Liesl: “It is essential to communicate the concept of this work not only through the music and lyrics, but also visually through the artwork and video, which I chose to make myself. The ‘Driveway Bruises’ painting (the artwork for the single) I hope illustrates the theme of impending desolation, of something beautiful that is desiccating, decaying, causing it to become confusing and unfamiliar. Identity is rooted in memory and transformed as memory is superseded through experience.”

Sweet and haunting, the melancholic aggressions – supple and dapper – profoundly construct in the most poignant way. From the cynical to the physical, the poetry of Liesl, is easily consumed into the pores of our hearts, as she whisks us into a wonderland of universalities and counter-balances.

‘Driveway Bruises’ is the first single from Liesl’s debut EP, ‘Unfamiliar’. It is set to release in the early months of 2021.


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