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Song Of The Day! Liotta Seoul ‘Paper Blossom’ : Gorgeous rock sheathes in anger, mortal wails of incendiary rhythms.

Liotta Seoul

A middle finger to the world and everything the memes and dogmas, Liotta Seoul’s single ‘Paper Blossom’ grips with hyper admonishment and that deliciously palpable glean into silver linings.

“Lyrically, the song is about a personal tendency of mine to push people away whenever I feel I can’t take the engagement anymore. And that leads to a vicious cycle of me basically feeling bad for bailing on a situation which I’m uncomfortable in because I don’t want to give people false ideas. Basically, I need my space and then again, I don’t want to have that much space because I feel like people might feel resented which I do not mean to do.”

Sven Int-Veen, Lukas Stein and Nikolas Becker makes delusional effervescence through waves of sounds and imaginations in emotions. The post invigoration of ‘Paper Blossom’ gains at your heart strings, with gorgeous rock sheathes in anger, mortal wails of incendiary rhythms and modern aesthetics in metallic shimmer.

‘Paper Blossom’ is a fabulous rock experience, from the get-go.


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