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Song Of The Day! Little Grim ‘Woman (What’s it Gonna Take to Satisfy You?)’ : Wrapped up in cascading arrangements, deliver with pop sheen.

Little Grim / Photo: Rory James Photography / Corrie Black

Such complexity and reformed presence. In Little Grim’s single ‘Woman (What’s it Gonna Take to Satisfy You?)’, the South London alt-pop band throws sophisticated lyrics and un-impinging decadence, via atmospheric promises and haunting walls of sound.

“The lyrics are about the red light district and sharing an intimate moment with a stranger,” said Joe Murphy, lead singer of the band. “I tried to get inside the mind of one of the men who would go into the rooms and felt really conflicted. Seeing the sex workers’, transactions being made and the curtains drawn, was all very overwhelming. It really stayed with me after the trip.”

Joe continued: “When we recorded the song back in London, I was toying around with different beats and chopping up melodies which ended up becoming the foundation. When we took it to the studio, we wanted the textures to feel strange, so opted for some more experimental sounds — half the drum sounds are bin lids being smashed together, along with recordings of trains passing by, and a Squeezebox (something I’ve always wanted to use since listening to Anna Calvi).”

With a prog and classic rock hook, displayed through the guitar, this single raptures with story novel depth and inquiring emotions that just ‘want to know’ further. A virtue of indignant feelings, wrapped up in cascading arrangements, deliver with unique attention and fabulous pop sheen.

It’s a song that just ascends.


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