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Song Of The Day! LIZA Shares Emphatic Scream Of The Heart In Single ‘1 Girl, 2 Cups’.

The day had come and gone. You had left me, with a deep gash of guilt and depiction on my soul that day. Your hands of gold broke my heart, into pieces of paper sheets, dangling by a thread in that harmless and calm autumn mid-day.

Your scent had not gone away from the house. Everything reminded of you. Your vessel and silhouette, remained, haunting my every cell. The lingering thoughts, froze me to do nothing – and ultimately didn’t care.

My dad had and jeans were dirty because I had tumbled around the ground. You don’t care about that. You’re mean. You’ve always been.

You don’t care about me.

Stop lingering in my mind.

Go away.

Song Of the Day!

‘1 Girl, 2 Cups’ is an extraordinary depiction and description of the tumultuous rollercoaster ride we sometimes go through when a ‘tragedy’ of relationship occurs. And in this fabulous song, Liza sets the tone from one side of the spectrum to the other extreme, articulating the exact ‘state of mind’ a human can dive into.

That’s why we’ve picked it as Song Of The Day!, for the short journey is complete, ominous, and tragically un-relenting in its sharp reminder of our limitations and faults.

Kudos, Liza. Kudos.

Look for the Interview with Liza, here on CHF.

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