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Song Of The Day! Llynks ‘Like You Said You Would’ : Silent wishes, dissolve in the wisps of air and atmosphere.. provoking.


Mischievous and kind; unaltered but profoundly found, Llynks exalts her biggest morsels of herself on a platter of acknowledgement and penance. A short sleeved gathering of thoughts, impending on secrets of frustrations and commanding irreverence – ‘Like You Said you Would’ takes you into a realm of nuance and utterly embraces the past in you.

Llynks is Sara Kendall. Beautifully expressed choice of words, in that 80’s glaze of thoughts and memories, drapes in this single. A doubt is painted with gorgeous optimisms, decorated by the hopes and faith for something new and better. Silent wishes, dissolve in the wisps of air and atmosphere, provoking and ever so slightly humble.

Off of the upcoming album ‘Become the Root’, Sara delivers the challenges and angst of her 20s, moving from job to job, trying her best to survive mentally, emotionally, physically. “It’s about the uncertainty of existence, desperately obsessing over time wasted and what life should be instead of actually living it.”

It’s about the wondering. And in the visceral wandering of mind and body, Sara’s gut punching beauty, pours out like a faucet, delighting you with smiles while devastating you with an unalterable honesty in sadness and precariousness for the future.

It’s Llynks’ best yet.

‘Become the Root’ is her debut LP out June 19th.

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My DEBUT ALBUM (!!!) Become the Root will be out June 19th!!! Available for pre order/presave now 🏹🏹🏹 thank you SO much for all your support on my first 3 singles. Is Slow Burn, Patterns Through Seams, or Like You Said You Would your favorite so far??? @natalieshau KILLED this cover art don’t you think?? I asked her to marry a bunch of crazy concepts like victorian, art nouveau, scifi, fantasy/ethereal and she came THROUGH so well. It's a statue of a woman wearing armor to show what she's been through as well as what she is bracing for, and the roots at the bottom of the image show that while she has wings and is able to get where she wants to go, they are there to pull her back to help her remember where she came from and what shaped her to be the way she is. Llynks logo of course by the wonderfully talented @blssnd who whipped up this incredible logotype which is also perfect for this album!! Can’t wait to share! Again it’s out June 19th!! Ahh!!!

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