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Song Of The Day! Lou Roy Shares ‘Bite’. “Deliberate and painstakingly loving.”

Included in Lou Roy’s upcoming debut EP ‘Your Friend’ (November 15), comes the deliberate and painstakingly loving reminiscence of ‘Bite’.

“I chose to call the EP ‘Your Friend,’ stylized as an email or letter sign off, as a way to state my intentions,” Lou explained. “It specifically references a line in ‘Bite’: I only ever want to be your friend / but it’s not enough to say / I’ve gotta treat you that way. I always mean to be a good friend to the people I write songs about, but admittedly I sometimes fall short. Each song in one way or another acknowledges how we all try to be our best selves but don’t always come through.”

Lou explores contemporary folk with traces of jazz and pop music, which is inspired by the likes of Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, and The Beach Boys. And in ‘Your Friend’ EP, delivers with powerful imagery of failed relationships, personal limitations, external forcefields, and a burning passion to move on, but with dire trepidations.

Lou’s voice is spectacular. Full, bold, and exuding with understated confidence, her reluctance to use her range of expressions, adds to the overwhelmingly attractive qualities of her offerings. The continuum of Lou’s new Americana soaked, lyrical carpet-bombing, loves and holds you in arms of steel and resilience.

The embrace of the one you love.

The embrace of the one you want.

Holding on, till the world explodes to asunder.


See her next @ Hotel Cafè in Los Angeles, October 21st.


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