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Song Of The Day! Louis Jerome ‘Liquid Evening Colours’ : The universe of sight and sound reflect with honor and pride.

Louis Jerome

Like a musical of galactic presence, Louis Jerome’s single ‘Liquid Evening Colours’ brings wafts of emotions and shimmering dreams.

Said Louis: “The song is sung from the perspective of a man on his own at night, gazing up at the stars, who slowly rediscovers a sense of wonder amidst the tired familiarity of his everyday life. It is about realising the interconnectivity of the universe, no matter how isolated we are. The lyrics begin by speaking about constellations, then they focus in on an individual star, then to a mountain, to a man and finally to the human heart.”

A societal context, in the most provincial personality, a contemplations in sadness and love; doubt and civility, roams with abandon in the conviction of this single.

It’s a beautiful song of everything that matters – in perspectives. Like in a Stephen Sondheim chapter of character build, the universe of sight and sound reflect with honor and pride in ‘Liquid Evening Colours’. A caricature of demons, brought out into the light, by a redeeming fight, by the protagonist.

Beautiful vocals. Beautiful sentiments. Beautiful story. Indeed.

Look for more from Louis Jerome.

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