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Song Of The Day! Luca Wilding ‘Johanna’ : Emotive angles and jutting feelz, strike up an amazing conversation of thought and involved allure.

Luca Wilding / Photo: John 'Jus-dat Guy' Ogunmuyiwa

Wonderful. That’s what Luca Wilding’s prosaic amalgam of attitude and supple story telling in ‘Johanna’, exudes. A proficient benevolence, amplify with utter focus and vision within the song. And as it lingers in the wilds of your mind’s eye, the song’s emotive angles and jutting feelz, strike up an amazing conversation of thought and involved allure.

‘Johanna’ is the follow up from ‘Hearachers’. Said Luca: “It was such a joy to work on this song with an amazingly talented group of musicians and I’m very proud of what we have achieved… I hope that those who hear it might take comfort in the words and remember that this sad time will be over soon and we’ll all go back to doing the things we love again. I can’t wait to get back on stage to play these new songs for you.”

Raised in Greater London, Luca never played an instrument in his youth. It was a family tradition of gunslinger ballads and time-old story-singalongs, and his eventual love for Leonard Cohen, that spurred him to begin song writing.

Signed to Abbey Records in 2019, his debut single, ‘Heartachers’ out earlier this year won praise from fans and critics alike. The track was premiered by US site Atwood Magazine, and was accompanied by a stunning short film, premiered by Wonderland Magazine.

The ‘touch’ is where things just fall into immaculate pace and lyrical grace. Luca’s talent and pension for that exact story telling, crashes beautifully into the normality of the day-to-day, and re-shapes the jagged edges of the current state – nurturing and evoking.


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