Song Of The Day! Lucy Francesca Dron ‘What Is Next?’ : That is why going off into new phases of life is so grand and maybe providential.

Lucy Francesca Dron

Blending alternative and indie-rock with jazz vocal style, Lucy Francesca Dron’s body of work is a charm that keeps on charming.

Reminding us of something that crosses between wide spectrum of artist styles like Jeff Buckley and Lily Allen, Lucy’s single ‘What Is Next?’ is a refreshing construction of rock that appeals with that 90’s vibe with the entertainment factor that just kicks.

Since the release of her debut EP in 2017, Lucy has supported the likes of Hope D, Jacob Diamond, Voiid, Flamingo Blonde and Asha Jefferies. Last year Dron released two singles, ‘Questions’ followed by ‘Take It From Me’ which saw support from Triple J, Triple J Unearthed, 4ZZZ and Broaderlines.

“It is overall about choosing to put yourself out into the world to create new experiences and enter a new phase of life. It plays around with the mundaneness of certain aspects of life. Lyrically it’s chaotic yet musically it’s an enticing reflection of what I was feeling after leaving a relationship and putting myself out into the world as an 18-year-old girl and musical performer.”

There’s excitement and adoration for things that are just off in the extended horizon. That is why going off into new phases of life is so grand and maybe providential.

In ‘What is Next?’ Lucy’s question of what to tackle is just a part of the journey that will keep on giving.

Gifts of love, hate, curiosities, answers. Most of all, it’ll be a road to enrichment of the heart and of craft.

Something Lucy looks forward to, day in and day out.

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