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Song Of The Day! Ludwig Hart Shares ‘Purpose of Love’. “Ol’ school rock pop is exactly what you need.”

Ludwig Hart’s ‘Purpose Of Love’ is exactly what you need, at this moment. With a beautifully classic and orthodox-like construction to the essence of such pop style, the artist from Sweden makes it look too easy and humbling as he delivers his single.

‘Purpose of Love’ was produced by Mauro Scocco, and this romantic piece with 80s vibes comes at you with the juxtaposition of love and admiration that you’d never thought was possible.

It’s a song that you repeat, over and over, as the best traditions of artists like Bryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Don Henley, Bonnie Tyler, and Tina Turner, comes at you with ferocity and intention. The polished pop decadence, purifies your soul, as Ludwig’s vocal honesty, clings to your ribs and heart, the same.

A fulfilled feel of satisfaction urges and beckons your biological frame, as the toils of the day and week, subside for a moment of calm and smiles.

Ludwig Hart’s self-titled LP – a collection of songs that will continue this sense of satisfaction – is now available.

Get it.

See Ludwig next @ Frimis Salonger, Örebro, Sweden on February 21st, 2020.



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