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Song Of The Day! Luke Royalty x SWEETS ‘I Could Get Used To This’ : A floral bedroom hip-hop fabulousness. Energized and up for the task.

Luke Royalty

Teaming up with Manchester based artist Sweets, Luke Royalty charms us again with ‘I Could Get Used To This’. A floral bedroom hip-hop fabulousness, the rhythms and the vibrance, gets your heart beat and dancing legs, energized and up for the task.

Following single ‘October Seven’ the indulging grooves and the impending mahogany harmonies, mix delectably with the picturesque and nostalgic rapping segment. The combination is ol’ school and nu school and it just keeps on giving as you listen.

The high octane, but chill effervescence, digs deep into your soul and gets your day going.

Luke said: “The positive outlook in the song is a reflection of just how happy we were to be making music together in the studio”.

It’s simple as that, ain’t it?

Let’s groove, indeed.

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