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Song Of The Day! lylyly Shares Song For October, ‘Undead’. “We’re All Undead, In A Way.”

‘Undead’ is the metaphor of a zombie-like mind that actually struggles and copes everyday with PTSD. But it’s all about the counter and parrying with the external world that seeks to destroy you.

Yes. Destroy, they will.

But before they do, lylyly wants to keep you entertained with the Kate Bush-esque rock billabong roll that is the essence of the outfit.

Oh, coming back to the ‘They Will Destroy You’ statement. Yes, they will destroy you with the unlikely, but undeniable fun-ness by jiggling the guitar strings to perfect, imperfection. They will haunt you with the deft lyrics that, happily revives the senses to attention (better than coffee). And to make things a bit complete, the B-52’s like vocal abstracts by Emily will kill you like you’d been hung up by your toes by Ninjas.

Yep. That good.

lylyly is a Phili based band and their upcoming album ‘Kill The Introspection’ (early 2019) will – of course – ‘kill it’, if you know what we mean.

The band consists of: songwriter and visual artist Emily Mineo, who is joined by Josh Zenker (bass), Kelvin Cochrane (guitar), and Jared Williams (drums), forming the current lineup.




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