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Song Of The Day! M O S E S Shares ‘You Need L’. “Instantly connect. Instantly embrace.”

Hauntingly reminiscent of a bygone era, M O S E S brings that same vision and moment-altering songs to the fore, like champs. In the best traditions of Brit-rock that still continues with absolute gumption, M O S E S’ single ‘You Need L’ adds another layer of identifiable intrigue and top shelf expertise that can be instantly embraced. The profound salinity of this single just delivers to the highest order.

The band released an eponymous debut EP in Autumn of 2016 and a single named ‘King Size’, in 2017. The 2019 singles ‘I Think You Worry Too Much’ (Spring) and ‘Findings’ produced by Gavin Monaghan were both uplifting hits with music fans, playlists, radio (and sports stadiums!) with videos by Hum Hum Production.

M O S E S is made up of Matthew McCrilly, Rory White, James Creighton, and Victor M. Moses. And armed with the shatteringly inspirational sharpness of Victor’s vocals, thrust of the guitar slashes, and mahogany rhythm spices, ‘You Need L’ is a quintessentially beautiful and note worthy gate to fun, excitement, and exemplified rock n’ roll grit.

A period piece that just takes you to another place in time and space, ‘You Need L’ is a fluid single that pertains to Led Zeppelin like glory, unmitigated shine of The Verve, and delivers with taste, flavor, and utter satisfaction of Manic Street Preachers.

The shine of ‘You Need L’ is the grandness of song that fits perfectly for any stadium, any bar, any rotation. It’s built to be listened, over and over, as it continues to remind you that rock, as it is here, is thriving and as urging, as ever.

In ‘You Need L’, M O S E S hits it right out of the park.

And then some.

See them next @ The Water Rats, London on November 22nd.



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