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Song Of The Day! MAGUIRE ‘Wrestling’ : A diaspora of deep seeded lusts and allegorical shine. Wields with dextrous amplitude.


MAGUIRE offers her new single, ‘Wrestling’, a dream-like longing, questioning, and of the essence of relenting of the soul purpose that has hazed into non-existence. This gorgeous, piano lead ballad is deep and entrenched with a powerful sedative in vibrance. It is delivered with the beautiful vocal extravagance, MAGUIRE has come to be known for. And rightfully so.

The artist’s gaze of intent, explores with absolute pleasure and gratitude. And in doing so, MAGUIRE (Gillian Maguire) caresses her songs with the heart of a lioness and injects the project with verse-to-verse, operatic shimmers that brings the listeners to a silent pause.

Of reflection. Of self-attention. Of love and care.

“‘Wrestling’ maps a hopeless struggle with insomnia against a backdrop of longing for the comforts of a past love who once provided peace in the dark lonely hours; pleading with sleep to relieve my incessantly whirling mind.” explained Gillian. “Inspired by a poem called ‘The Sun Rising’ by John Donne about two lovers demanding the sun leave them alone to enjoy more time together, ‘Wrestling’ turns this conceit on its head – the bed becoming a prison rather than a paradise.”

Gorgeous to the n’th degree, indeed.

Developing forward from 2019’s debut EP ‘Préludes’, ‘Wrestling’ introduces the listener to a more cinematic and expansive sound; its poised elegant piano refrain gently building alongside her hypnotic vocals into a crescendo of luscious strings and a chorus of irresistible harmonies.

“I was also inspired by the poet Elizabeth Bishop who speaks of “nightlong, limblong warmth” in her poem ‘Breakfast Song’,” added Gillian. “That yearning for the human touch which brings with it at once a sense of connection and disintegration is a recurrent undertone throughout the new EP.”

MAGUIRE is the beck and call project of Gillian’s poetry and love for expression. A diaspora of deep seeded lusts and allegorical shine, with which Gillian wields with dextrous amplitude and expertise.

It is a project in art and glittering musical victory.


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