Song Of The Day! Maja Lena ‘Birch’ : A procurement of feelings that we’d not thought we’d possessed. Lather your atmospheres of hopes and what’s-to-come.

Maja Lena

Maja Lena’s single ‘Birch’ is gorgeous.

The solo project of Swedish artist Marianne Parrish (formerly of alt-folk band Low Chimes), the riveting artistry of words upon layers of subtle ambience, dangle in front of your proverbial vision, promising delight and delivering in spades.

Wonderful addition to the debut album ‘The Keeper’, the readiness to please your fiber of being, cleanses with thought provoking amplitude and decadence.

Said Marianne: “’Birch’ is a song about feeling vulnerable yet elated. About starting a new phase of life and love, yet also knowing that this elation could be snatched away at any given moment. The Birch tree here is a symbol for this feeling, and its branches moving in the wind resemble a feeling of freedom and excitement.” Marianne explains.

The accompanying video was filmed in Super 8, in the The Lake District. Martha Webb provided the fabulous dress for the video.

‘Birch’ is gorgeous, in its underpinnings, presentation, and its possibilities. A procurement of feelings that we’d not thought we’d possessed, but so very glad that we’d gotten to know.

A valiant amendment to the current, ‘Birch’ resoundingly and cognizant-ly, lather your atmospheres of hopes and what’s-to-come.

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