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Song Of The Day! MAJOR LOVE Shares ‘Toughen Up’. “Just Wow…”

“Wow” is what we muttered from our mouths when first listening to ‘Toughen Up’ by MAJOR LOVE. Colleen Brown brings this awesomeness with both sleeves rolled up in this single. It’s a song that you put on repeat.

That’s a big thing.

MAJOR LOVE is the project of Colleen Brown, and with her fellow members in the band, she’d quite fantastically carved out a musical dagger made out of granite – successfully pinning it to our hearts. The granite dagger, then blossomed into a hoard of delight, pinging and tagging its way through our nervous system, simultaneously turning our mouths into smiles and our resistance into wholly surrender.


With ‘Toughen Up’ you’re quickly out flanked by the powerful and reassuring vocals of Colleen. She ‘looks’ you squarely in the eye, and tells you “this is your brain on this single”.

Cracks open an egg (farm fresh & large) onto that skillet.

It sizzles.

It dazzles.

It makes you want more, before even tasting your first bite.

By this time, you’re surrounded by the tinge of 80’s new wave flavors.

Then the solo kicks in. Blues rock to the end, and it SOARS.

All culminates and radiates excellence at the last 1/3rd of the song where the drizzling turns into ‘responsibility’. It is by this time, the single is ‘YOURS’. When the horns hit, you’re ‘dead’.

And you don’t mind.

As we didn’t.




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