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Song Of The Day! MARTIERA Shares ‘It’s All In My Head’.

MARTIERA is an electronics music producer, singer, and songwriter, originally from Ukraine, now based in Barcelona. And she offers the wonderful single ‘It’s All In My Head’, which is decadently unique and delicious for your listening ears.

The mix master whom pushes her songs up to digital platforms like youTube and Facebook has been on a roll with fascinatingly fabulous singles that hits your wish for something new, and exciting. At the same time, making you groove and want to dance on that proverbial dance floor.

In August of 2019, she announced her official solo career with her debut EP ‘ Wake Up’, distributed with Intergalactic Cat.

‘It’s All In My Head’ has this visceral bounce that doesn’t quit, with apoplectic sensations, piercing timing, and quirk that makes the song all worth while. The satisfaction is memorable and enjoyable from both mainstream commercial and indie-critical aplomb. Glitchy hesitations, spread upon a frame of EDM/reggeton beats, the song is driven to peak, as the build, lives with blaring and succulent deep-house ascension. The short and simple lyrical additions, plays perfectly to the concept and impressionistic ardor of the single.

Dig it. We did.



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