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Song Of The Day! MEGGIE BROWN Shares ’10/6′. “They’ll Push You Off That Bridge”

The unsinkable MEGGIE BROWN announced her debut physical release of new single ’10 Out Of 6′ on 7″ vinyl. The single was produced by Alex Kapranos at Edwyn Collins’ studio in the Scottish Highlands, with the pair both providing backing vocals on the track.

Meggie is the kind of refreshing dessert that we all should desire. Scrumptiously deviant, lyrically poignant, and rock n’ roll proud. The punk gal that breaks that chocolate bar off of that kit-kat snack is she. And you can’t get away from it.

She’s more talented than you.

At CHF, we recognize this.

Song crush?

Heck yea.

“Mental health and all the chaos that we all quietly deal with day to day yet find hard to open up about despite all being in the same boat. You find yourself moving to a surreal place behind the eyes, you can see travel in others eyes passing through places of nostalgia and torment. Amendment of friendship within yourself. Encouragement to let go of mistakes, to keep moving and cross your own private bridge before your pushed off it. Until you do, it’s 10/6.” – Meggie.

Let’s do that Meggie.




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