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Song Of The Day! Melissa Erin ‘Golden’ : You. Her. All of our thoughts. Our dreams.

Melissa Erin

Nashville-based indie folk artist, Melissa Erin, is magical in ‘Golden’.

From the get-go, the longing for becoming what you’d wanted to become, comes through in this vigil and anthem for a better self. A better life. A better world for the ones who matter.

You. Her. All of our thoughts. Our dreams.

Of ‘Golden’ Melissa said: “I’m so grateful to have recorded this song this year. It has been a WILD year for us all, in so many ways. We’re all connected by it. When I recorded Golden, I had just moved to Nashville, after having quit my full time job…all during a pandemic. Some call it risky, others call it “Hey it’s 2020, go for it”… I used to have a little plastic snow globe with “Nashville” plastered on the inside (that I ironically bought in Georgia)…I remember shaking it up and putting it on my closet shelf as a kid. Who would’ve thought! Golden is the thing that we’re all chasing after. The thing we hold onto when the world feels weird. The little snow globe dream.”

A 14 hour drive, loaded van and as she set herself, knowing of the possible hardships, it was the right path that she was confident of. A change of pace it was.

With angelic vocals, Melissa’s delight is in the caring of her tones, with which she reaches out with unabashed care and thoughtfulness.

With much praise so far from the press, she’d opened for Guster, Martin Sexton, Aimee Mann, and played at Sofar Sounds NYC, Philadelphia, D.C., Boston & more, touring extensively in the Northeast.

Look for even more from this Nashville charm.


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